Grace Schuessler is an adventurer, motorcyclist, and storyteller, exploring the world one mile at a time.

Live wild. Ride free.

Welcome to the beginning.

If you are here on this escapade with me, then gear up – because while I have no idea where this road is going to take us, I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty.

It’s going to be one hell of a wild ride.

And what lies ahead? Well, this is the ultimate adventure. The hero’s journey. The path less traveled. The chance to chase the existence of the seeker, the wanderer, and of course, the renegade.

For the indefinite future, I will be a nomad, and my crazy day-to-day antics will revolve around my Honda CB500X, Lorraine, and wherever those two wheels take me; she and I will be traveling the direction the wind propels us, doing what we do best: exploring the great unknown, testing our limitations, and most importantly, writing and narrating this audacious life on the road.

There are two sides to the coin paying my way, enabling me to embark on what I can assume will be one of the greatest undertakings I’ve ever experienced. First is that I am a storyteller, an author who has grown weary of telling tales of the imagination and would rather recount the stranger than fiction reality that is human existence. Second? I am a woman with nothing to lose, and in this current moment of my life, the only person I owe any semblance of devotion or loyalty to, is myself.

So here we fucking go.

Live wild. Ride free.

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